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Brief History
In 2001, Founder Maher Magableh leased his first store in Bondi Beach – New South Wales. What started out as a single convenience store back then has grown and evolved into one of the leading convenience stores operator in Australia. Today, our company operates over 400 locations throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia.

While maintaining our offering of top quality products at competitive prices, we have managed to establish a reputation as a destination for freshly prepared food such as sandwiches, salads, and much more. We are also known as a place where consumers can find healthy snack options, including fresh fruit and many gluten free and organic products.

Our business model is built around the costumers needs and desires. Consequently we have chosen to embrace and apply the Customer Comes First methodology in all of our stores. Which as a result, has created a very strong reputation for our passion for customer service.

Our Core Values
Provide local communities with strategically placed outlets serving their needs 7 days a week 365 days a year in an outstanding customer service behavior.
Create an atmosphere of shopping easiness when entering to any of our EzyMart shops, in which all products are displayed in perfect balance for the finest shopping experience.
Provide customers with a vast variety range of top quality branded products at extraordinary prices.
Desire to be embedded in the Australians’ shopping culture by providing the most unique shopping experience there is to give.
Vision Statement
Our vision, quite simply is “to be the primary convenience store operator in Australia, offering quality products, and unique shopping experience to people all over the landmass.” Being the primary convenience store operator does not necessarily mean being the biggest but it does certainly mean being the best in providing customer service, unique products, and consistent and predictable organizational growth.

The Desire for Substantial & Sustainable Growth
Our business is no longer small but still there is ample room for further growth. We have built a reputation for our smart, neat, and well located shops which enabled us to increase foot traffic and focus on leveraging the right deals at the right price for the benefit of our customers. Continued, sustainable, network development is our primary goal. In the convenience industry, the landscape can vary significantly from country to country and from continent to continent. Here in Australia the convenience store sector is fragmented and in a consolidation phase. We continue to actively participate in this process through our acquisition of new partners, through gaining customers from competitors including when they close their sites, through newly constructed sites and through growing our customer base by improving our own offering.

The Promising Future
Looking ahead, we see opportunities to further improve our investment grade rating. Across the entire business we will continue to be vigilant for further opportunities for growth. We will ensure we retain our reputation for smart choices and financial discipline, while further accelerating our efforts in store acquisition, modification, and client service.

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117 Albert St Brisbane City QLD 4000 Australia



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